About Us

Kopak limited was founded in 1996 and mainly engaged in paper import business to China for the first ten years. Due to the rapid development of China’s paper industry, Kopak limited also began to export paper from China to Southeast Asian countries since 2013.

Years of trading experience had led Kopak limited to know various oversea clients and paper mills and the multilateral business began to take shape. Beginning from 2018, Kopak Limited is no longer limited to trading in China. It has truly become a global international company. Our trading business has reached India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, the United States and other countries. The global relationship and network let us understand the current market situation and future development trends better than everyone else , allowing us to provide latest information with our partners in the face of the competition which is getting more and more intense.

Looking into the future, deepening the relationship with existing clients, looking for new opportunities through new partners, cooperating with both of them are the orientations and mottos that the company has always relied on for success.